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Does it look like you are interested to know more about us? Aren’t you scared? What if someone breaks you, and you cannot do anything about it?

root@hfa:~# ls <------ Who told you to click that button? Does it prove your acumen? Maybe!

“It’s one thing to question your mind; it’s another to question your eyes and ears. But, then again, isn’t it all the same? Our sense’s just mediocre inputs to our brain? Sure, we rely on them, trust they accurately portray the real world around us, but what if the haunting truth is they can’t? That what we perceive isn’t the real world at all, but just our mind’s best guess? That all we really have is a garbled reality, a truly fuzzy picture we will never make out?”

Do other people see things in a way you do? Ask yourself?
You still didn't answer my question? Who told you to click that button?

I’m not like others (fake). I’ll show the way as “We’re all living in each other’s paranoia.”